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“A good narrative of a 19th century train wreck most people have never heard of. A lot of research done to not only get the story of the accident, but also of the people involved. Accident site is on my “must see” list the next time I’m in that area.”
– Lloyd Dooley
Amazon Review – March 10, 2017 | [Read Review]

“Well done history of a horrible night. While the train wreck near Thaxton, Virginia has been largely forgotten, the writer brings the night to life with a wealth of information.”
– Farmboy
Amazon Review – March 6, 2017 | [Read Review]

“Found this book to be very compelling and hard to put down. Reads fast and the reader is pulled along wondering who is going to live and who is not in this horrible accident.”
– Marigold
Amazon Review – February 7, 2017 | [Read Review]

“Very interesting story.”
– Marcelo Zavalia
Amazon Review – October 20, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Interesting Documentary – Well Researched.”
– Joseph Harrison
Amazon Review – April 20, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Well written history of an event lost in time.”
– Amazon Customer
Amazon Review – April 19, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Awesome book! I cannot wait to read more from this author.”
– Amazon Customer
Amazon Review – March 27, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Five Stars – GREAT”
Amazon Review – March 8, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Such a tragic, yet intriguing, story. Lost at Thaxton is very well written. I could not put it down!”
– Heather Poston
Amazon Review – March 5, 2016 | [Read Review]

“Very interesting and easy to read. Great Virginia history story.”
– Amazon Customer
Amazon Review – January 26, 2016 | [Read Review]

“This is an incredible story well written.”
– M. Fuller
Amazon Review – January 21, 2016 | [Read Review]

“True story and a wealth of research combined to make a great read.”
– Dinnie
Amazon Review – December 16, 2015 | [Read Review]

“Very good job of providing historic detail and keeping it interesting.”
– Amazon Customer
Amazon Review – November 10, 2015 | [Read Review]

“Great! Nicely written piece of forgotten history.”
– Amazon Customer
Amazon Review – September 16, 2015 | [Read Review]

“Great read on forgotten Virginia history. Great research and documentation of a significant event in its day that is made more dynamic by the author’s in depth coverage of the people on board the train.”
– T. Farrand
Amazon Review – August 14, 2015 | [Read Review]

“Great book! Thanks for writing about this.”
– Carol B.
Posted on Facebook – July 21, 2015 | [View Post]

“An interesting, valuable book”
– Mark Aldrich, Railroad History, Spring-Summer 2014, Number 210

“Great book! Well worth the read especially to those living in Bedford County.”
– Suzanne D.
Posted on Facebook – May 13, 2014 | [View Post]

“Read your book on Kindle and received the hard copy for my birthday. Love it! Great job!”
– Becky G.
Posted on Facebook – March 12, 2014 | [View Post]

“This book got my attention on page one, and held it till the end.”
– Anthony Orange
Amazon Review – February 6, 2014 | [Read Review]

“Great read. Got my copy at the Bedford Welcome Center and couldn’t put it down.”
– Michael T.
Posted on Facebook – February 1, 2014 | [View Post]

“It was awesome!”
– Suzanne D.
Posted on Facebook – January 30, 2014 | [View Post]

“Just like the flood of water down the creek that fateful night, Mr. Jones leaves no stone unturned. Railroad buffs and local history enthusiasts alike will find this book hard to put down until every page is read.”
– Steve A. Spangler
Amazon Review – January 7, 2014 | [Read Review]

“I think this is a great book and would recommend it to others to read.”
– Linda Williams
Amazon Review – December 21, 2013 | [Read Review]

“A good read. Recommended.”
– R. L. Harrison Jr.
Amazon Review – December 16, 2013 | [Read Review]

“The result of Jones’s work is a highly readable book that’s hard to put down.”
– John Barnhart, Bedford Bulletin – October 30, 2013 | [Read John’s Article]

“Wonderful Book!! I couldn’t put it down. I was even reading it with a pen light in bed so I wouldn’t wake my husband. Anyone living between Roanoke and Bedford should get this book. It’s a part of your History.”
-Brenda W.
Posted on Facebook – October 27, 2013 | [View Post]

“Well written and quite detailed. Read in one sitting. Strongly recommended especially if you know the area.”
-Bill W.
Posted on Facebook – October 27, 2013 | [View Post]

“I borrowed the book from my mom & I just love it. So interesting…..hard to put it down.”
-Starla P.
Posted on Facebook – October 27, 2013 | [View Post]

“Read the first 10 chapters without putting it down! Love it!”
-Michel K.
Posted on Facebook – September 29, 2013 | [View Post]

“I have learned lots of history reading this thanks Mike!”
-Jennifer M.
Posted on Facebook – September 29, 2013 | [View Post]

“Just finished reading it. Very awesome book well written and the research done in documenting this is amazing. It is very gripping. You feel as if you are sitting on the train as the events unfold, I’m impressed with the detail that was put into the book.”
-Chris O.
Posted on Facebook – September 26, 2013 | [View Post]

“Can’t put it down! Absolutely wonderful!!!!”
-Angie M.

Posted on Facebook – September 25, 2013 | [View Post]

“LOVE the book!”
-Cricket D.
Posted on Facebook – September 25, 2013 | [View Post]

“Totally awesome. Great job.”
-Debbie R.
Posted on Facebook – September 21, 2013 | [View Post]

“I am so thrilled I just got my book in the mail!!!! Wish now I had pre -ordered more copies for gifts….. Love it!!!!!!!”
-Teresa J.
Posted on Facebook – September 20, 2013 | [View Post]

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