There were at least seventy-four people aboard Norfolk & Western Passenger Train Number Two the night of the Thaxton train wreck on July 2, 1889. Fifty-six of them were classified as passengers. Each person was individually researched for the book, and any information found is being added here to pass on that research and possibly help those that might be researching descendants that happened to be on the train. Some of this information is also included in Chapter 11, “Biography”, in Lost at Thaxton. If one of these passengers happened to be an ancestor of yours and you have more information to share about them, please use the contact form and let me know! – Michael

W.J. Barksdale
T.B. Bott
Sophie Boutron
Pattie Love Carrington
James Calder Cassell
Janie Caven
Nathan Cohen
William H. Cooley
Robert Davis
Fred T. Dexter
P.P. Dounsberry
John T. Dowell
Edmund L. DuBarry
J.H. Elam
Annie Fishpaugh
J.P. Gage
Joseph Goldberg
Robert Brent Goodfellow
John H. Hager
Edith Hardester
John Millard Hardwick
John Irby Hurt
Rosa Lee Hurt
Irene Baley Jackson
Alvin M. James
Rida Jourolmon
John Kirkpatrick
James W. Lifsey
Dennis Mallon
William Franklin Marshall
Henry N. Martin
Burton Marye
Walter C. Masi
George A. Masters
Charles Montague
Judge Henry Solon Kane Morison
H.T. Moss
Pauline Payne
Reuben S. Payne Jr.
Charlene Peyton
Charles Llewellyn Peyton
Jessie Hacquard Peyton
Roberta B. Powell
John Thomas Rowntree
Inez Sparkman
William C. Steed
John I. Stevenson
Frank DeWitt Tanner
J. Fred Temple
Catherine Lightfoot Carrington Thompson
Miss Van Keen
Florence Vanuxem
Harry B. Wheeler
H. L. Williams
Alpheus Waters Wilson
J. A. Young

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