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Lost at Thaxton is the exciting TRUE story of the people and events of the tragic wreck of the Norfolk & Western passenger train number two in 1889.  At the time it was the worst railroad accident in the history of Virginia, but the story and the memory of those lost quickly vanished.  The country was still absorbing the terrible details still being reported daily from the awful flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that took thousands of lives just a few weeks earlier.

The story of those that lived and died in the wreck of passenger train number two was quickly lost in the shuffle.  Through extensive research I have set out to not only tell the story of the wreck, but also to tell the story of the people involved.  This is not a fictional retelling, but a narrative delivery of the actual stories of those involved.

This story is near and dear to my heart because my family is from the Thaxton, Virginia area, and my great-great grandfather was the railroad’s section-master at Thaxton at the time.

If you have any family history or other information related to the 1889 wreck at Thaxton I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me and let me know.



Michael Jones was planted in West Virginia and cultivated in South Carolina, with roots extended deep into Virginia soil. He is a graduate of Clemson University, author, entrepreneur, technology consultant, and history lover. His book, Lost at Thaxton, recounts the terrifying 1889 train wreck in Thaxton, Virginia that took place on the section of track managed by his great-great grandfather, Tandy Jones.

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Lost at Thaxton is available in paperback and Kindle format.

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